The charming Island of Orléans

There is an island on the river St Laurent, just between the two shores of Quebec. It’s the island of Orléans, that I mentioned it in my article about pumpkins picking.   Why visit? I really love this Island. It’s always an enchantment to visit it, with all these beautiful fields, the incredible view of the river, all these gorgeous homes in these typical ancients villages… … Continuer de lire The charming Island of Orléans

The English Library

At Quebec, there is this wonderful library that is seems not to be really known by the inhabitants. When I meet someone who lives here this person answer me the same response « oh really ? I didn’t knew » it’s happened like, twenty times hahaha. But it’s correct of course, maybe that in my own birth town there are some hidden treasures that I don’t know … Continuer de lire The English Library