The abandonned castle

In my mom’s village, there is a castle from the XVIII century. The story says that the last owner, a Lady, died at the end of the 70’s, and she wanted to give it to an orphanage. But like in all families stories, there is always a descendant who is appearing and ask to inherit it, so here are come the administrative problems, and during … Continuer de lire The abandonned castle

Brittany, my Love.

Now we living since 2 years and four month at Quebec. I like this country, we have real seasons,  grand landscapes, many forest and wild animals, maple syrup, pumpkin fields…And Canada is so huge, it will take us many years for visit it, moreover, it has several differents landscapes it’s will be so interesting to discover all of them ! However, sometimes I miss the … Continuer de lire Brittany, my Love.