6 videogames I like (without being a gamer)

From Toy Story to Skyrim… I don’t play video games since longer; in fact, when I was a child I liked to watch my brothers to play Super-nes, and PlayStation 1. I played occasionally some games like Zelda, Donkey kong,  Super Mario, Donald in maui mallard, Mortal kombat, Double Dragons, Killer instincts, Crash Team racing, Tekken 3, Toy Stories… But during my teenager, I didn’t … Continuer de lire 6 videogames I like (without being a gamer)

The English Library

At Quebec, there is this wonderful library that is seems not to be really known by the inhabitants. When I meet someone who lives here this person answer me the same response « oh really ? I didn’t knew » it’s happened like, twenty times hahaha. But it’s correct of course, maybe that in my own birth town there are some hidden treasures that I don’t know … Continuer de lire The English Library

The Pass-mirror : my literary crush of this year

A beautiful september morning, I was lost again in Pinterest whereas the rain sang on my windows, when suddenly, a drawing caught my attention. It was a curly hair girl with glasses and a long striped scarf, wearing a long coat and seemed really shy. I thought it was a cute drawing, and then I clicked on it because it was wrote « Ophelie the pass-mirror » … Continuer de lire The Pass-mirror : my literary crush of this year