The abandonned castle

In my mom’s village, there is a castle from the XVIII century. The story says that the last owner, a Lady, died at the end of the 70’s, and she wanted to give it to an orphanage. But like in all families stories, there is always a descendant who is appearing and ask to inherit it, so here are come the administrative problems, and during … Continuer de lire The abandonned castle

The charming Island of Orléans

There is an island on the river St Laurent, just between the two shores of Quebec. It’s the island of Orléans, that I mentioned it in my article about pumpkins picking.   Why visit? I really love this Island. It’s always an enchantment to visit it, with all these beautiful fields, the incredible view of the river, all these gorgeous homes in these typical ancients villages… … Continuer de lire The charming Island of Orléans

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Ireland part 2 !

In my last article, I told you we visited the sacred tombs. The trip continues here, to visit the wonderful landscape of this magical island! ___________________________________________________ Go to the B&B in the Wicklow countryside! The trip to our next b&b after that was really epic… The only information we had for go to over there was an email from the Lady who hold the place. … Continuer de lire Ireland part 2 !

6 videogames I like (without being a gamer)

From Toy Story to Skyrim… I don’t play video games since longer; in fact, when I was a child I liked to watch my brothers to play Super-nes, and PlayStation 1. I played occasionally some games like Zelda, Donkey kong,  Super Mario, Donald in maui mallard, Mortal kombat, Double Dragons, Killer instincts, Crash Team racing, Tekken 3, Toy Stories… But during my teenager, I didn’t … Continuer de lire 6 videogames I like (without being a gamer)

7 days in Ireland #part 1 : the sacred tombs

In March 2014 we visited the magical Ireland. Our main purpose was to make a little pilgrimage to the ancient pagan sites and also these mysticals ruins of castles which exist over there, in few days. We only had 7 days vacation and a tiny budget, so we could not visit the entire island but I think we saw a beautiful portrait of this amazing … Continuer de lire 7 days in Ireland #part 1 : the sacred tombs