About me

Hello !

I’m a french girl who live with my boyfriend in Quebec since July 2015. I will publish some of my travels, my visits and my daily life here, but in english ! Indeed, I do not speak fluently this language so this blog will help me to improve my level. So if you see some mistakes in my sentences, please tell me ! I hope it will be interesting !


10 things about me :

*I like reading, and I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings

*I take pictures since I’m 12 years old, I exposed my pictures in a pub and I become model for two shooting  last year, it was the first time for me and such a exciting moments

*I feeling alive in the nature, the forest is like my second home; put my feet in the  water and go hiking are my medicine

* I’m learning Japanese, because one of my big dream is go few months in Japan

*I love History, especially Middle-Ages and Iron Age, but all period interesting me

* I like yoga and meditation, I would like to do a vipassana in another country someday

* I like to do watercolors, knitting, embroidery and… Ironwork ! I have a certificate in Ironwork and next year I want another in ceramic !

* I’m vegan (it means I don’t eat or drink or wear anything which come from animals, because I love them, so I don’t want hurt them)

* I buy a majority of my clothes in thrift shop and I like morigirl , tribal, gipsy, and medieval fantastic inspired  fashion

* I listening black metal, pagan metal, traditional irish and scottish musics, some japanese pop and some groups like Voltaire, Grimes, Sigur Ross, Mc Yogi, etc. for example (the list is too long)

You can follow me on Instagram at @claire-ophelie 🙂