The abandonned castle

In my mom’s village, there is a castle from the XVIII century. The story says that the last owner, a Lady, died at the end of the 70’s, and she wanted to give it to an orphanage. But like in all families stories, there is always a descendant who is appearing and ask to inherit it, so here are come the administrative problems, and during years the build house is abandoned. That’s what I heard, but who knows really?


should I or not?

I was walking very early in the village, admiring the frozen and enjoyed the silence, when my feet brought me near the castle. At the moment where I approached to admiring the garden, I noticed a crack in the wall, sufficiently big for to let enter an adult human. What would you do in my place? Do you pass your path or you child soul, greedy of adventures, is pushing you to go into it? Nobody in view. No signs, no barriers. We have only one life and my heart beat so fast with excitement! Dare I? Come on, just one step in the garden, it’s not a big deal.



I’m into it…!

My feet are wet with all this ice and I’m starting to be frightened because technically I’m pretty sure that what I’m doing is forbidden. I put a look over my shoulder, still nobody, still not a noise except some brave birds in the far. I grab my camera, my fingers are frozen and red but the view is too gorgeous, so I take some shoots. I feel very happy and a lot of photoshoot idea come into my head!

I’m suddenly thinking to my great grandmother’s clothes that my mom keeps in her attic. It’s funeral clothes but it’s beautiful and I think it would be perfect for this moody place. So I went fast grab them and I came back in the garden. The sun is beginning to shine shyly but it’s still really cold, especially with these clothes, really not adapted. But sometimes we have to suffer for art haha.

I walk a bit and discovering a funny toilet abandoned at the bottom of a staircase, eaten by ivy. Then an old horses stable full of tools and old straw. Weird. The focus of my reflex is broken, I have to do it manually, but even with it, the majority of my pictures are blur. I continue my walk and entering without realizing myself, in a room, lost in my thinks. It’s dilapidated, somebody has visited it and vandalized it a bit. What a pity! But something draws all my attention: an old and beautiful turquoise sofa.

wc dehors1.jpg



The white light of the snowy sky hit the windows, it’s not easy to adjust exposition as I would like. Mostly that during this period, I didn’t know really how to do it.

The castle seems to invite me

Finally, all the doors around me seem fully open and the rooms are accessible. The fearless me deciding to pursue the exploration a bit more. It’s funny how adrenaline is stronger than moral sometimes… But it was not my first time in abandoned place for being honest: with friends, I already visited an ancient college, and military casern, and also an ancient hospital (which was my dormitory and my college, but the attic and the bottom were abandoned and supposed closed!) and an ancient maze under a town, which crossed the basement of the college where I worked, with ooold science classrooms full of skulls and other curiosities!

I find myself at the bottom of a wood staircase. Does it safe? Will I cross the steps in the middle of my ascension?



It looks pretty solid but I’m staying careful. Then I emerge in a new place. There is a bathroom, a toilet again, and a place which looks like a big living room, with a big chimney. I’m in love will the colors! I really like pale blue, it’s relaxing I think. I’m enthusiast about the details of the painting which starting to cracking on the wall. I admire also the old web spider and the view from the windows.

No a soul, nor a noise…

I continue my exploration. Bedrooms. Bathrooms. Kitchens. Chimneys. A big tapestry almost totally erased. Old baskets and bottles, a vacuum from another century, plastic boots… All are eaten by humidity and time which pass. It’s colder here than outside!

If only I knew all the story of this place!… I would like a magic power for seeing the past when I’m visiting or touching something. How many people have lived here? How many are born in one of this bedrooms? Or are died?… Are there domestics who worked there? Did the owner have pets which explore this castle? Did the Germans stay here during the occupation during the WWII? So many questions!!

porte bleue

peinture caillée1

cuisine verte

fenetre ovale











It’s surprising how the rooms are colorful, it’s really happy don’t you think? Furthermore, with the ivy which makes his path inside by the window, it adds a romantic touch.

I’m thanking mentally the spirits which live here, for letting me visit their place in security. I’m walking in silence and gently because I don’t want to disturb them. Maybe I’m weird to do that, but I’m not in my home, and it does not harm anyone to be respectful even to spirits (by spirits I don’t think necessarily  just only about ghosts) of all sorts, it’s cost nothing and if they really exist it will be useful don’t you think? We are never sure. I’m doing the same when I walk in nature.


I discovered under the old painting on the walls, old pieces of newspaper, it’s fascinating! How many generations lived here? It looks like fashion newspaper from the 19 century, no?


I get down new staircases, and I find the cellar, but it’s too dark and it seems without end. I just take a look on the first room, full of old and empty jars, and also, after few steps, I go by hazard in the attic… There is old bouquets of plants still drying on the ceiling, an umbrella, a trapeze, and there are ropes hanging on the beam, swinging in an invisible wind… I don’t like the feeling of this place so I preferred to get out!! Furthermore, it’s too dark for taking pictures.




I got too cold and also too hungry. The visit is over I guess. I take last ghostly picture from the outside, and also the weird statues near the domain and get back home for tea and vegan cookies!

I hope you have enjoyed this visit 🙂

Obviously, I’ll not reveal the localization of this place (especially since the doors and windows were walled after few weeks). Majority of people who doing Urbex don’t do it either, it’s logic don’t you think? There are a lot of place like it in the world, you can find one I’m sure 🙂 Maybe you have ever visited places like that? Let me know in the comments ❤

Do you see the ghost?


ange bleu
Really creepy.



Une réflexion sur “The abandonned castle

  1. First of all, sorry for such a late comment, I was really busy during few last days! And secondly… WOW!!! That castle is absolutely amazing and all your photos are sooo moody! Especially those ones with you in dark clothes… they give me goosebumps! Have you been there all by yourself? I’d be scared to death, so I really admire you for that 😉 Once again, great post (I was really feeling the tension while reading it) and gorgeous, mysterious photos! I’d gladly see some of them on Instagram, when you decide to come back 🙂



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