The charming Island of Orléans

There is an island on the river St Laurent, just between the two shores of Quebec. It’s the island of Orléans, that I mentioned it in my article about pumpkins picking.


Why visit?

I really love this Island. It’s always an enchantment to visit it, with all these beautiful fields, the incredible view of the river, all these gorgeous homes in these typical ancients villages…



At each season, the colors are incredible. It’s an island of fields, with a road which makes the turn of the island by the coast. You have to know that this place is known for all her local products: cider, wines, chocolates, bakery, sugar cabins where you can eat meals with maple syrup… But for me, it’s a little difficult to enjoy all these things because I’m vegan and the majority of these products are not. But that’s ok, it’s good for my money hahaha!

So, we are going here when we have visitors because it’s really nice to cross these ancients and picturesque villages. It’s a good immersion in the roots of Quebec culture. Also, it’s always nice to take a tea in an art gallery, or when it’s time to go picking strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, or obviously: pumpkins! Sometimes during summer, we are going to the « beach » for a picnic in front of a beautiful view of the river. [Be warned: it’s would be a really bad idea to go swimming in the St Laurent! It’s really not clean because of all these boats but also because it’s where the town of Montréal reject his filth waters…]

My favorites:

My favorite town is called St Jean! I’ve seen the most beautiful Victorian houses here, but the others places are very cute too. It’s where we usually walk when we want to see the St Laurent. Last time we came, we took a tea in the art gallery called ‘Ma petite folie’ (I imagine English people reading this title with the Englishish accent, it’s so lovely when it’s happening, seriously haha). The owner is a charming Lady, very kind and passionate about paintings. She exposes her art (painting, sculptures, jewelry) but also the painting from other locals artist. It’s a little place very friendly!

One day, I would like to take tea too in the big bakery in the same town (called ‘La Boulange’); we have no luck because we always want to go here when it’s closed. It’s open during tourism season. I want to go here because I find that this old big house fascinating, I want to visit the interior, I’m sure it will be great!


st jean




I disovered another beautiful place last summer: we visited ‘Les Jardins de la Seigneurie‘, a big private domain with several gardens, and especially his big field of lavender. We came too late for the lavender season but honestly it worth it!! There was a lot of flowers everywhere, and I literally fall in love with the installation of a tea set in the middle of the woods, on a vegetable table which reminds me Alice in Wonderland (one of my favorite animation movies when I was a child). Then we found a swing on the beach at the end of this very peacefully walk, I really enjoyed it! I can’t wait to visit it again, during the lavender season! You can find products based on lavender in their shop 🙂 You have to pay the entry, consult their website for more information.

parc seigneurerie6

maison seigneurerie

parc seigneurerie

parc seigneurerie3

parc seigneurerie5

Finally, we always end our trip on the island by admiring the view of the city from the village St Petronille (this name is too cute!). Then, we cross the unique bridge wich connects the island to Quebec, and we make a stop to the Montmorency fall, one of the attraction I really like too in my town! Maybe I’ll teach you something: this waterfall is taller than the Niagara Falls! Amazing isn’t?

st petronille2



There are obviously a lot of things I did not visit or see yet on the Island, if you come to Quebec don’t hesitate to visit the tourism office for more information!


Une réflexion sur “The charming Island of Orléans

  1. What an amazing and enchanting place! I really can’t decide which part I loved the most: beautiful shore, lovely houses, the waterfall or that magical garden (the installation of a tea set looks like from a fairytale and you’re right, it reminds of Alice in Wonderland so much!). They all look wonderful, I’d love to see them live one day! All your photos from this trip are really beautiful, it was nice to see all those places! 🙂



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