Ireland part 2 !

In my last article, I told you we visited the sacred tombs. The trip continues here, to visit the wonderful landscape of this magical island!


map irlande

Go to the B&B in the Wicklow countryside!

The trip to our next b&b after that was really epic… The only information we had for go to over there was an email from the Lady who hold the place. And this mail was not a greatest help : it’s said only « Hello ! Thank you for your purchase, I’m glad for your visit, I can’t wait for meeting you ! Please, when you arrived in the town, go the the beehive, ask them for me and they told you how to go at home! ». Well… Okay haha. At first, the beehive was not on our GPS neither the map, so we asked for people on the road.

Then, when we arrived it was a restaurant, and none employee didn’t seem to understand our request, nor the person for who we asked. After five long minutes, a waiter came with a lady who was…Very rustic! She was not very tall, and her face was wrinkled and brown with the sun and she had two azure blue eyes; Through her missing teeth she was chewed a cigarette and looking at us with mocking face; her large build was covered with a dress with garish flowers. When she spoke, her gray, disheveled bun stirred and strands of hair fell in gray and white curls. Between two spitting on the floor, she began to explain to us in her strong and hoarse voice, the road to return to our host. She left us by laughing on the doorstep, wishing us a safe journey. I found this meeting really funny ! Her indications were goods, we found easily the home surrounded by fields, and sheep pastures.


Then we met our lovely host…

A little coquettish woman waited for us, with a large and warm smile on her face. She opened her arms for welcome us, with an happy laugh when we walked in her direction. Her home was like her owner: warm and funny, with a touch of kitsch. She served us a cup of tea with cookies in the little cozy and pink living room, between some Jesus statues and old pictures of a wedding from another time. It was also filled with trinkets.

We talked about our program for the tomorrow, and she showed us some map and attractions in the area. She was very nice and she talked a lot about her Australia trip a few years ago, with some stars in her eyes; she had a husband and a daughter but they were not here. We slept very well, it was so quiet and comfy! When we woke up, she learned it was my birthday during a conversation and she pushed a horrified scream, ran in the home and came back with a present! I was so embarrassed and moved by so much kindness. It was a pearl necklace, and it was normally for her daughter, I attempted to protest because it was too for me, she didn’t have to do this for me but she insisted. I found she looks like Molly, the Weasley’s mother in Harry Potter, by her house, her kindness, and her mother hen behavior!

The Wicklow mountains, a sportive, and majestic place

Finally, after a breakfast, we left the house for visiting the Wicklow mountains, at Glendalough precisely. We saw ruins AGAIN, our passion haha, with a cemetery, so aesthetic with these cross with Celtic interlaces.















In this place, a saint is veneered; he’s name Kevin and legend say that he was meditating when a crow land on his hand, and started to make his nest. The saint was no moving until the egg gave a bird and that the bird left the nest. It’s a beautiful story I think.

The hike was a path of 15 kilometers in the mountains. It’s not so easy as walk, but despite this, there were a lot of people, families, and runners. I didn’t take so many pictures because there were always unknown people on it haha. When you reach the top, you can see a gorgeous panoramic view of the valley! We also saw a gaggle of deers! On the bottom, there is an ancient minor village with a lake, where we found sheep’s bones.






A last night Mrs Weasley like, and we continued our trip to Galway, for another night in a B&B before to reach the Connemara, because we didn’t want to make the road in one shot, the driving is tiring because we have to be more concentrated on the fact we have to drive on the left, read signals panels in Gaelic, to found the right street between ten with exactly the same name, you know…these kind of stuff ! See you for the next article then! 🙂


3 réflexions sur “Ireland part 2 !

  1. J’adore 😍
    Ce pays est d’une beauté incroyable ! Il me mmanque tant… et j’aime ta façon de raconter pleine de détails authentiques et humains ! Tu as une très belle plume 💚


  2. Sounds like an amazing trip! All photos are gorgeous and wow, you met Molly Weasley in real life, not everybody can say that! 😄 I’m dreaming about visiting Ireland, it seems to be such a magical country. Hope I will have a chance to do it one day!


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