6 videogames I like (without being a gamer)


From Toy Story to Skyrim…

I don’t play video games since longer; in fact, when I was a child I liked to watch my brothers to play Super-nes, and PlayStation 1. I played occasionally some games like Zelda, Donkey kong,  Super Mario, Donald in maui mallard, Mortal kombat, Double Dragons, Killer instincts, Crash Team racing, Tekken 3, Toy Stories… But during my teenager, I didn’t touch any video games. In fact, I was angry with them,  because during a certain period I frequented a boy who played too much, even during our dates! Then, I met my actual boyfriend. It’s a gamer, but we can do many things together without include video games, and he is ok hahaha.

However, he gave me the envy to test some video games! I’m still not a  ‘real’ gamer with a large knowledge about the Games History,  and I don’t play each month. But sometimes I like try some games, on pc! Especially when the weather is too bad.

 1#Gone Home

Where, when, who, what, how…?


It’s a point and click game. You play the character at the first person and you have to click on objects, clues, for unlock other clues and rooms in the purpose to make the story progress. For me, it’s clearly an exploration game, and you should like to take your time for click on all objects possibles, visit the rooms… it’s a bit a relaxing game I think, where the exploration and imagination itself is more important than ‘winning’ the game. I’ve started and finished it in an afternoon ( approximately 4 hours).

The story takes place during 90’s (my birth year !) in the States ( more exactly in Oregon). First, I found terrific reviving this period with cathodic TV, Walkman, VHS, punk music of this period, typical teenagers objects that I collected myself… 🙂

We embody a young lady who comes back from a travel in Europe for few months. During her absence, her parents moved with her young sister in an old mansion. She is discovering it when she arrives from the airport, in the middle of the night. This hero finds an old and sinister big house, with an atmosphere a bit creepy, because of thunders and lightenings, dark rooms, a TV which diffuses snow, a pizza box opened and half eaten… No traces from inhabitants of the home. She has to discover where is her family, especially her sister who left behind her worrying clues…

Gone Home is absolutely not as I thought, a kind of horror game, where a creature will attack us behind a door corner, where a corpse will fall when we opening the fridge… There is a huge suspense, and we imagine a lot of scenarios during the playing. The end is surprising and I found it really cool! Obviously, I will not spoil you the story, however, I recommend the game. I liked to play the detective, and explore this mansion which is a real labyrinth!


2# Life is Strange

A game as a gamebook !


Composed of 5 episodes, Life is Strange is a game which really absorbed me! I really took my time to finish it, because I wouldn’t like it ends too fast.
We play as Maxine Caulfield who came back in her native town in Oregon ( as Gone home haha), to start a program in photography. But, she is able of a singular phenomenon: she can go back in the past when she concentrating on a picture where she appears! This power will be useful for change certain moments of her life. Except that… Certains choices don’t have good consequences, as the butterfly effect. It means that according to your answers to characters of the game (many answers are possible), or your action face to a situation, the action, and the story can turn differently. However, during any moment of the game, you can use your power and modify your choices.

So we embrace the life of this young lady, in this little town where there are mysteries, whose the disappearance of a student. In the company of her childhood friend with whom she rebuild a friendship, Maxine will have to make choices, sometimes difficult, for the purpose of arranging situations. Suspense and heavy emotions in the rendezvous! Furthermore, you can finish the game with two different versions… Can you choose the good one? This game has a oneiric, psychologic and a bit gloomy atmosphere. It’s really interesting and exciting! Did you ever try it? Do you want to play at this game?

3# Skyrim

Dragons and snowy landscapes


I can imagine that rare are the persons who don’t know this game (but if it’s your case, don’t feel guilty, it’s ok haha). I’ve started to play Skyrim in 2012, but during this period, my computer didn’t support well video games because of his power and memory; so I was tired to try to dive myself into a universe whereas my computer bugged. So I abandoned, but restart last year, with a new computer (built by my boyfriend) and great for video games. This is a game really perfect for play during winter! As I’m not a big gamer, I only play occasionally, so I didn’t finish it yet. But it adds a certain charm, and it worth his money haha!

Skyrim is a cold region of the fictive world of Tamriel. This game is the five opus from the serie Elder Scrolls. I didn’t play the other games of this serie, but I think I will try them one day! However, I could play at Skyrim without knowing the entire history of the Elder Scrolls and it was ok.

In this game, we are a hero, whom we choose the race, the kind, and the class before to start the game (you can personalize his appearance). You are a protagonist who freshly arrives for the first time in the Skyrim region.  But you are the victim of a misunderstanding, maybe for being in the wrong place at the wrong moment! You’re captured by authorities and you are brought with the others prisoners to the execution place. But, before your condemnation is executing, a dragon attacks the fort. Thanks to the confusion, you can escape and start your adventure in this fantastic world, where a lot of elements come from the Nordic mythology! ❤  Based on the resolutions of quests, you learn that you are a dragonborn, the last one of the world. Only you could fight the danger which menaces the world! For this purpose, you will have to control your powers, to learn to use weapons, practice your capacity (like magic for instance) of your choice, avoid to kill too many chickens (google it!), join factions, resolve quests… And so on! This universe is extremely rich, the map is very big and landscapes breathbreaking. There are so much to explore and learn in this world, that it’s exciting. If you like magic, fantastic beasts, epic adventures and beautiful snowy forests, this game is for you!

4# Fable

Be a hero or the emperor of evil …


Again, it’s a heroic fantasy theme game! I first started playing on the Xbox 360 before we left for Canada. Since we could not bring the console, I had not played it since. But I discovered that the creators of the game had remastered the first Fable, so I tried also this one. In this game, we are a child who lives a life of tranquility with his family … When suddenly his life changes dramatically … Become alone, you meet people who will raise you during your childhood. You train yourself in the purpose to revenge your family. When you become a young adult, you go to fulfill your destiny! And your character will continue to grow during the game, to one day reach old age.The Graphics have a cartoon style, and the animation of the I is still a bit old… You can try directly the III,  because the principle of the game still the same.

The choice face to actions will bring you to be a bad person or a good person… Some quests are only for a type of personality,  so the story will be not the same if you are good or evil. Be careful because your reputation will precede you, so don’t be surprised about the welcome from people you meet… The fun fact in this game is that you can change your appearance during the game (clothes, haircut,…), to marry someone, buy a house, search for treasures, kill innocents… I like this game because I like the heroic fantasy world, and I think original to have a personality different according to the manner of play. And it’s a game really easy to play, it’s relaxing. And you, are you more good or evil?

5# Syberia ( I and II)

Automatas, steam train, and mammoths…


It’s also a point and clicks game, created in 2002 and that I discovered for the first time there are few months. In this universe, we are in the role of Kate Walker, a lawyer from New-york who has to go in a French mountain village. Her mission is to meet the heiress of an automatas factory, with the goal of make her sell it to a big toy factory. However, at her arriving, a funeral cortege welcomes her in this strange little village… Kate learns that it was her customer who just dying of old age, so it’s impossible to make sign her the contract!

The action takes place first in this village called Valadilene. It was an important place when the automatas factory was work, and now it’s almost desert. But we can find traces of these automatas everywhere, in different forms. Kate meets the notary in charge, but he learnt to Kate that there is another heir, but not here… Kate has to search clues for finding him, so she will search in the factory where she discovering tragics bit of life of the owner of the factory, an automata named Oscar with his own personality, and a steam train which seems to wait for her for an adventure… Determined to find the last heir and to learn more about the mysteries around his desperation, Kate will go on an adventure really exotic! She will meet curious and funny people, visiting mysterious places and traversing Europe to reach the mysterious island of Syberia, with many adventures and puzzles to solved, related to mammoths!

In Syberia, you have to be alert about clues hide in the decor, have a large sense of logic and imagination, for resolves puzzles and acceding to new places to explore! If you love art deco and art nouveau aesthetic, and also inventions from 19th you will enjoy Syberia! And, I can’t wait to try the last one, which is out since March 2017 !!

6# World of Warcraft

Elf, Knight, Pandaren, and more…


I finishing my article (a bit long) by talking to you about the famous online game, named World of Warcraft (or WOW if you are a professional :P) At the beginning, I didn’t want to play at this game, I thought it was a bit cheap, I don’t know why. Then, my boyfriend convinced me, and I finished by to create a characters there are four years ago (a Draenei if you want to know) in the alliance faction (because at this period, I thought the horde was necessary the bad guys, and I prefer to be a good one, you know…)

The game is pretty old now, but it’s reborn at infinite, with new extensions which come regularly. The community of gamers is around the world, and sometimes real life friendships born thanks to it, I think it’s really cool don’t you? The wow universe is rich, amusing, tragic, epic, happy… You have to choose in which section you want to create and personalize your character: horde or alliance, which are in war for years (each faction has good reasons). The map is big, there are many continents, and many races of being lives. I also like the fact that the game has is own calendar with seasons celebrations and special events! 🙂 You can make evolve your character, his equipment, join guilds or play alone. There is the type of servers where you can play without fighting with others gamers (which could be less stressful) or classic servers, which are the base of the game, where you can fight gamers from enemies faction! It’s like that you can be suddenly killed in your back, whereas you were just here for picking some flowers…

For playing to wow, in my guess, it’s necessary to like fight games, heroic fantasy, and games based on resolutions of quests to reach levels. I love the aesthetic of the game, it’s really a good story which evolving years by years. The more difficult is to find a good name for your character haha! And, the only thing, it’s you have to pay the game each month, and actually, I have unfortunately not money for that. And you? Are you alliance or horde?

 In conclusion…

I wanted to talk about this games, because I found them very cool and maybe you are like me, curious and not adept at video games but open to try it. Or maybe you are already adept and you will be happy to exchange with me about it? Maybe you could advise me some great games :).  Sorry if my manner of speaking was a little simple, without professional vocabulary in this field. I want to be affordable for everyone, and anyway I’m a total beginner myself 🙂 Please feel free to add modifications if you want (be kind of course 😛 )







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