My winter interior

Hi there !

I hope you enjoy this beginning of December ! Here, we always decorate the home the first december, not before. I think that when the decoration are still in place to early it’s messing the magic of this ephemeral ambiance. And when the celebrations comes, it’s more difficult for me to feel it, because the decorations and all are became the daily, it lost it charm. But maybe it’s just me who is weird haha.

Our interior


We decorated the home with natural stuff found on the forest; I think it’s most beautiful than plastic and glitter stuff, and also more traditional. We avoid as much as possible to pay the multinational which make money on the back of poor people in certain country, by making christmas decoration in awful work way and no healthy conditions for the worker and the planet.

So we picked branches, ( and we used sea shell we found on beach this summer), acorns, pinecones and we made some items with clay. The only plastics things we have are a single plastic ball and one pine branch for hanging a skull on the wall, because real pines branches don’t survive (by my experience) more than 1 week without become dry and lose their needle. I didn’t want to make a garland which will dying two days after my efforts, so we bought this one ! Oh, and of course there are 2 fake candles on the tree because real ones could burn the tree.

I don’t like the fact to cut off pines which will dying during weeks, with also a rain of needles, in the living rooms. I think it’s a pity to cut a tree just for this purpose, but it’s my own opinion.

So, I present you our winter tree, ta-daaa ! 



We have chosen a tall branch in the forest and put it in the beach umbrella support, that I covered with an old patchwork table runner I made few years ago. What do you think ?






By surfing on pinterest, I found a lot of inspiration, like to decorate a skull. Maybe you’ll find this creepy and weird, but once again, I do love skulls and we found this one in Ireland during an hiking. I love the effect, don’t you ?



A warm and cosy place

During last summer, we found by hazard in the brambles jungle from the bottom of the garden, an old bench. I decided to got it back the living room and I covered it with white and fluffy blankets and pillow. We added also a faux fur carpet and a log for put a cup of tea for example. I think it’s perfect for make more light in the room and have a special and cosy place for winter.

I found this ladder in the street last year and now, it’s the cat tree for Zero ! He loves it so much !  I decorated it with a light garland.



What do you think ? How is our own interior ? Do you prefer traditional christmas tree ? 🙂


3 réflexions sur “My winter interior

  1. J’aime trop ton intérieur et tes décorations maison, ça donne vraiment une ambiance cosy et chaleureuse ! Je crois que je vais m’inspirer de ce que tu nous proposes pour essayer de décorer un peu notre chez-nous 🙂 J’ai découvert il n’y a pas longtemps sur Instagram une chouette idée pour réutiliser les rouleaux de papiers toilettes au lieu de les jeter : les découper en cercle pour les coller ensemble et faire une étoile (je ne sais pas si tu vois bien ce que je veux dire ahem…), et ça rendait super bien !

    Bises from Valenciennes :-*

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    1. Oui ouiii je vois ce dont tu parle !! J’en avais fais l’an passé ! Et en coupant finement les rouleaux (comme de la baguette, si tu vois ce que je veux dire hahaha) aussi j’avais fais un genre de fresque murale aussi ! Je suis super contente que mon article te plaise, merci infiniment d’avoir laissé un commentaire Marine 🙂 J’espère voir tes décorations aussi bientôt 😀



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