A Winter Blue




The snow has fallen, it white blanket is covering the nature, making some invisible creatures become visible thank to the feet printed on the ground. The fire purr peacefully in the home, waiting some nordic tales and hot cocoa cup in front of him, for him to be complete.

We gone to the forest behind our cocoon to pick up some pines branchs for the preparation of the winter solstice, and for the pleasure to make a crispy sound with our boots thank to the snow. The sun is shiny and some kids are playing in the woods, they’re making luge. We can hear them during our walk, as we go more deepest in the woods, between resistants trees which seems to screams « it’s still autumn, guys, brace yourself, show your brown leafs! ».




The temperature is fresh, but with the sun and the effort of our walk we don’t need coats. I’m wearing my blue sky skirt, that I bought in the shop Forever21 this last summer, and a white lace shirt that I had during an afternoon at home, when I invited some friends for a exchange of clothes. I covered it with a thrift grey jacket and my grandmother homemade shawl she made when she was younger. My feet are protected by cute vegan lace-up boots I bought also at Forever21, I love them so much !





I feel really cosy in this outfit; I obviously wearing big tights under the skirt and a hot t-shirt under the shirt for to be able to front the cold weather.  I love these sweet colours, which are reminiscent with the forest in this snowy and sunny day.

What do you think ? Do you like wearing clothes which fits with the seasons colours ? 🙂



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