The old park


In my town, there is an old park. It was first a farm in 1696, then it became a property of the seminary of quebec (religious stuff) which transform the domain in gardens for students. Unfortunately certain parts of the domain was sold for enlarge the town… It became officially a public park in 1979. It’s sad that it was fragmented because when I see the size of the trees I’m really impressed, they are so huge ! I feel a certain energy in this park, as if the trees speak, as if some elves lived here and their ghost were hiding on the forest… Imagine if there wasn’t the highway beside the park, and if it was a huge park like before the constructions ?

When I lived next to this old place, I went frequently here for meditating, walking or reading. The park has differents vegetation, and the landscape change often. You can take a walk on 27 hectares. There are a lot of friendly birds and squirrels, and ducks. They have no fear of humans because people feed them. Sometimes I feed some birds during the heart of winter because it’s more difficult for birds to find their food and in my birds book it was recommended to feed them in winter but not during the other seasons…

I love this park so much. I wish that people stop throwing away their garbage, because I found a large quantity of coffee cup,  plastic bottle, food’s wrap… WHY PEOPLE?!

Anyway, the park’s name is The Domaine Maizeret. If you visit it, take a moment for observe trees, listen birds and maybe you could see some fairies… It’s really a magical place, at any season.










Une réflexion sur “The old park

  1. Magical pictures and beautiful park 🙂 You look so happy there, it’s obvious you must love this place! And how cute is this little bird, who decided to seat on your hand! 🐦



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