The English Library

At Quebec, there is this wonderful library that is seems not to be really known by the inhabitants. When I meet someone who lives here this person answer me the same response « oh really ? I didn’t knew » it’s happened like, twenty times hahaha. But it’s correct of course, maybe that in my own birth town there are some hidden treasures that I don’t know (it would be great). Anyway if you like books, history and english style this place is for you, friends 🙂

At first, the Morrin Center was a military barracks, then it became a prison : the first of Quebec (and the second of the Canada) where men, women, children and insane persons were stocked, sometimes hanged at the front door…Yeahhh, I know it’s not such this magical place I spoke at the beginning, but wait ! So, it was a prison from 1812 to 1863 and finally it became the Morrin College, a institute who teaches english to men AND women in tiny mixed class. It’s in 1868 that it’s opened as an english library tadaaam!


You can pay for a full guided tour, which is really interesting; the guide wears a 19th century costume and takes you to the prison, then in the school and you finish with the library. I loved all the anecdotes he told us, learn everything about the archeology found in the building, the life as prisoners, etc. I recommend ! If you want, you can just visit by your own the library, it’s free.






Une réflexion sur “The English Library

  1. This library looks amazing, so moody! I especially love those beautiful stairs and decorated balustrades. It would be lovely to take some pictures in stylised outfit there! 🙂



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