A red dress for the snow white



It’s still officially autumn but the red of the leafs have been replaced by a delicate snow since two days. I’m a lover autumn, but I like also the purity and the silence that the snow brings with her. The landscape are majestic and magical, it is the good time for take out the blanket and the carpet in faux fur, to collect pines cone, and of course drinking tea at the window by watching snowflakes falling!

I enjoy this day off for take some pictures with my new dress that I found in my favorite thrift shop ! I wear it with a simple cotton blanket, that I fix with a pretty brooch in golden feather that my mother had since my birth and who offered it to me there is few time.





My cat wanted to go outside but when he saw this strange white thing in the ground he prefered to stay secure on my arms !

Let me know if the snow is arrived at your home and how you enjoy it 🙂




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