Curiosities at Paris

I like skeletons and skulls. My big dream younger was to go to Paris to see dinosaurs skeletons ! I did it 3 years ago. It’s a bit weird because I like curiosity cabinets and museum but I’m against the hunt, but a lot of pieces are hunt trophies…But I think that our ancestors hadn’t the same conception of life than now, whereas now we know that animals are conscious of themselves and they have sensibility. So ancient things in museum I probably can deal with it but modern hunt trophies I can’t. Nope nope nope.

Anyway, we went to the natural history museum of Paris. We passed fast the gallery of evolution with naturalize animals, avoided the zoo and lead ourselves to the paleontology and comparative anatomy gallery. It was SO huge ! I didn’t expect this. So many skeletons and organs, animals and humans. I lost my mind in this great curiosity cabinet and morbid parad of hundred and hundred skeletons. I was exciting to learn a lot about extinct species and about those who exist in our time, and especially to see finally dinosaurs, cavern’s tiger and wolf, pterodactyls, etc ! Furthermore, this building art nouveau style add a charm and you could imagine yourself as an explorator from 19th century.










After this, we went to the botanic garden for take a breath of fresh and living air but  « unfortunately »it was too big and we’ve missed time for visit it in his totality, because we had to go to the catacombs. It seems really magnificent and to think about the people who visited it there was 400 years make me dream, I could imagine Ladies and Dandies who strolled in this beautiful place, in their gorgeous clothes…! Next time, we would take the sufficient time for this wonderful place, specially I want see the garden of roses where I heard there are more of 300 botanical species… Can you imagine that ? It must certainly smell so good!

Then ! The catacombs !  I wished visit it since longtime too, and last time we went there was too many tourist and the waiting was estimated at 3 hours outside before to reach the enter…! And it was too cold. This time we waited 1 hour. I didn’t expected the catacombs like that. The visit was more short than the waiting line (my boyfriend said me that it was more long few years and maybe it was because they are doing some renovation in it). Also, I imagined some narrow and dark tunnels with a sound of creepy water drop and sinister silence. But in fact the chambers are rather wide, and there is so many noisy people who screaming, laughing and speak loudly. And oh boy, all these waste on the ground!! I don’t understand how is it possible… It messed a little my experience but catacombs remain an amazing visit and I’ve no regrets. All these stack of skulls, bones sculptures are impressive. And it’s so tidy hahaha !  I like the citations over the doors and the names of street we’ve cross which are the streets above the catacombs. And especially, the old datations !


And what about you ? Do you want to see the natural history museum ? And catacombs ? Let me know 🙂











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