7 days in Ireland #part 1 : the sacred tombs

In March 2014 we visited the magical Ireland. Our main purpose was to make a little pilgrimage to the ancient pagan sites and also these mysticals ruins of castles which exist over there, in few days. We only had 7 days vacation and a tiny budget, so we could not visit the entire island but I think we saw a beautiful portrait of this amazing … Continuer de lire 7 days in Ireland #part 1 : the sacred tombs

Brittany, my Love.

Now we living since 2 years and four month at Quebec. I like this country, we have real seasons,  grand landscapes, many forest and wild animals, maple syrup, pumpkin fields…And Canada is so huge, it will take us many years for visit it, moreover, it has several differents landscapes it’s will be so interesting to discover all of them ! However, sometimes I miss the … Continuer de lire Brittany, my Love.

The English Library

At Quebec, there is this wonderful library that is seems not to be really known by the inhabitants. When I meet someone who lives here this person answer me the same response « oh really ? I didn’t knew » it’s happened like, twenty times hahaha. But it’s correct of course, maybe that in my own birth town there are some hidden treasures that I don’t know … Continuer de lire The English Library